Srirangapatna – situated at a distance of 120 Kms from Bangalore on Bangalore Mysore highway is a place with reverberating History and Culture. This is also a Place most sought after by ardent historians, pilgrims, professionals and tourists. The place which witnessed and Tippu Sulthan. The place, which brought our early, reforms in the field of business and social life. The place which took a lead in introducing the early inventions or rocket technology. Ultimately the place which has prominently carved a niche in the World Map of Tourism.

Srirangapatna a place with Ancient and Chequered History is an Island Fortress
Town on the banks of river Cauvery. The Temples, Palaces, Tombs, Military warehouses,
Cenotaphs, natural landscaped locations and above all its 3-layer fort wall with bastions
Are mute witnesses for a bygone era of glorious days.

Srirangapatna has a very strategic location. It is just 15 kms drive by road from Palace City of Mysore. Its pleasant climate all through the year and its fresh, crispy in order to give a comfortable and cozy place for relaxation

Srirangapatna the island fortress from where the tiger of Mysore roared in defiance at the British army 200 years ago. The capital city of Tippu Sulthan which was the scene of many heroic battles in the past. Where bloody wars were won and lost and the very course of history was decided. The proud capital of a mighty kings whose main extended for and wide.

Srirangapatna located in an island formed by the river Cauvery with a history both ancient and checkered. The town that had its beginning in 12thcentury, under the celebrated Hoysala kings the site was later chosen for a fort in the 15th century. A local chieftain built the fort during the Vijayanagara   times. The strategic position of   the fort was realized by the conquering king Raja Wodeyar of Mysore who made it his capital in 1610.

The changing fortunes of this is land fortress found a champion in TippuSultalnwho made it one of the strongest forts in south India, and secured for it a treasured place in the history of Indo-British wars. Major Dioram of the designing British army in 1792 exclaimed this insulted metropol must have been the richest, most convenient and beautiful spot possessed in the present age by any native prince in India.

The days of Tippu and his father Hyder Ali represent a proud era in the History of Karnataka and the very supremacy of the British in the Deccan was threatened.Hyder Ali the army commander of the Wodeyars, with many conquests to his credit, became so powerful by 1761 that he became the defect ruler of Mysore. But he keptupa semblance of the royal authority of the Wodeyars, which was depensed with by Tippu who declared himself the sultanin1782. In the seventeen years of Tippu’s rule, all eyes in southern India were turned towards Srirangapatna. Tippu fought battle after battle some to conquer places far and near and some to defend his own citadel. Coalitions were plotted and alliances were formed. Srirangapatna saw siege after siege. At last, when all defenses failed, the fortress crumbled and fell along with its sultan in1799. Every house in the town was looted and plundered. The era of glory came to an end.

When you visit Srirangapatna situated 120 kms from Bangalore and 16 kms from Mysore on the Bangalore-Mysore highway you relive the days of valor and gallantry. Every stone in Srirangapatna speaks of its great sultan.  Tippu the farsighted ruler who initiated many project, and the Tippu the lover of gardens who laid out the LalBagh and Daria Daulat Bagh. The relics of those valiant days are all around you at Srirangapatna.