The Place Srirangpatna had the name of the Srirangapuri in the early ages later it got the name of the Srirangapatna. The town is an island being surrounded by the river Cauvery. In this town there are temple of sriranganatha. Sri Lakshinarasimha, Sri Gangadereshwara, Sri Jyothirmaheshwara and other small temples. Among them the main temple is that of Sri Ranganatha. The inner apartment of SriRanganatha temple was built in 817 A.D by a lady by name Hambi, of the class of dancers in the yea ar 894 A.D. When a king of the Ganga dynasty was the ruler, a person by name Thirumalaraya got constructed the Navaranga mantap and the temple of Lord Thirumala(Srinivasa) at the left side portion of the great Mahadwara. In the year 1117 A.D when Sri Ramanuja came to this part after escaping from the chole country here a join by name Hoysala Bittideva was the ruler, Sri Ramanuja got him converted to a Vaishnava and named him Vishnuvardhana.

Srirangapatna is situated along 15KM to North-East of Mysore and 120km to the South-West of Bangalore. It has a population of 23729 according 2001 census & present population of 25061 according 2011 census. TMC has 23 elected members & also 5 nominated members. Srirangapata stretches to an area of 8.6

Srirangapatna the religious place known for its History & Heritage. Once the capital of Mysore Kingdom this town has double walled fort with moat though the fort is in dilapated condition it still attracts tourists from all over the world. In the recent part this Island town has got importance for religious aspects because of Kaveri river. There are important tourist spots like Sriranganatha temple, Sri Nimishambha temple, Gumbaz, Tippu’s Summer palace, Sangam, Gosai Ghat, snana Ghatta among others places